Marketing Service

By claiming your business and registering for an account, you will be able to post and manage special offers and discounts for your business. Please review the following benefits and features we have made available to you:

Special Offers:

1. Post and make available up to 5 special offers for your businesses at any time

2. Update your existing special offer(s) at any time

3. Delete or remove your existing special offer(s) at any time

4. Specify/Set a per user special offer printing quantity limit for each special offer

5. Specify your own information for each special offer:

   - Title
   - Detail
   - Condition/Restrictions
   - Expiration Date and etc

Marketing Advantages:

1. We will make your special offers available to all users/visitors of EatNova

2. Businesses that have signed up for this marketing service will appear towards the top of a search result list and will also have distinguishable text, marking and graphics in order to make them stand out and draw attention; that is if they have current and valid special offer(s)

3. We will promote your special offers utilizing social media and also by regularly sending special offer email notifications/alerts to registered users

4. Your special offers on EatNova will:

   * Have the effect of expanding or increasing your market area. We know that patrons will travel far to take advantage of special offers

   * Entice new patrons to visit your business. It's a proven fact that consumers will break routine dining/purchasing patterns to take advantage of special offers

   * Attract new residents when they are actively looking for dining options in the area

   * Bring back your patrons; those who have found other dining option(s) or those who need to be reminded of your business

   * Create an opportunity for additional profits through up-selling and through the sale of additional profitable items

Don’t delay - Claim your business today and start taking advantage of this great service and opportunity

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